RDB ProNet - Installing idibu plugin from RDB Store

To start using our plugin, you'll need to download it directly from the RDB Store:

  1. Log in as the RDB ProNet administrator
  2. Access the RDB Store by clicking on the 'PLUGINS'

3. Navigate to 'Jobs' on the left-hand menu, and scroll down to 'idibu 360 Job-Posting'..

From there, just click 'Install' (or update) to complete the installation. If you're installing the plugin into RDB for the first time, then you'll need what's known as the 'hash' key for your idibu account before you can start working. To obtain this, just ask your Account Manager or drop us a line here


If you are updating the plugin from an older, manually installed idibu plugin package, this will need to be fully removed from RDB first. If you are unsure what to do here, please contact Access Group RDB support

Once the old plugin has been fully removed, install the new one from the RDB store. Just make sure your applicant processing settings are configured as you wish after install. 

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