10. RDB ProNet - Account Management

In order to manage your accounts and users, simply go to the 'Account Management' of the idibu plugin menu.

To do that, go to plugin's options and select "Account Management".

The top set of options allow you to add additional idibu accounts to your RDB ProNet. 

You will usually need only 1, but if for any reason you have more than one account, you can add them there. Please mind that if you have several idibu accounts, you will have additional configuration dropdown in almost all of your RDB options, which will allow you to specify which account are you currently changing the settings for.

The bottom set of options lets you decide which user can use the plugin (post jobs, view applicants, etc) and which can't. If a user is "Synchronised", they should have no problems using the plugin.

Please note that all new users will need to be synchronised in RDB first, to allow them post via the idibu plugin. Not doing so generate a connection errors.

Any questions just contact support@idibu.com.

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