RDB Native360 - User Synchronisation

This article shows you how to sync your RDB user profiles with your idibu account.

IMPORTANT! Un-synced user profiles are the biggest cause of connection errors that users may experience when trying to post a job/manage applicants from RDB. Should you or your team encounter any issues at all, please be sure to carry out the following steps:

1. Open the idibu RDB plugin control panel - here's how to do that if you're not sure

2. Click on 'Account Management'

3. Find the user in the 'Users' section, in the bottom window

4. Tick the box next to their name to sync the profile. Even if the box is already ticked, we'd recommend un-ticking and re-syncing anyway, to ensure the profiles are properly connected regardless.

5. Ask the user to try posting or managing their applicants again.


Please note, user sync must always be carried out after adding ANY new user profiles to RDB, otherwise you'll quickly run into connection issues.

If you're still experiencing any problems after re-syncing profiles, or have any questions at all about this article, please contact support@idibu.com.

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