02. RDB ProNet - Installation & First Steps

Installation is actually very easy! All you need to do is to let RDB know you wish to have our plugin installed on your Pronet.

You need to understand that there are two ways this can work:


You already have an idibu account and you also have an account with RDB. In which case, you will only need to supply RDB with your idibu admin username & password.

Please note: The plugin is not able to import jobs and applications that previousy exist in your idibu account. However, it will keep the track of each post and each applicant for any job posted using RDB.


You wish to start multiposting from scratch with your RDB account. If so, you will need to let your RDB account manager know this and provide him with contact details of your alocated account administrator. Please note that immediately after the installation, the new administrator will receive the following email:

"Hello admin,

The RDB Advert Distribution plugin has been successfully installed.

Please keep a record of your job posting login credentials:

Username: rdb_xxxx_xxx
Password: xxxxxxx

If you need to reactivate or to activate the account in a different RDB ProNet system - you will need to know these details.

If you have any questions please contact support.

Kind regards,


Make sure you store those details - if anything were to happen with your RDB account, you will always be able acess your standalone idibu account with these details.

Apart from that there is no other set-up you will need to undertake.

So, let's get your boards set-up in order to start posting as soon as possible!

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