RDB Native360 - Applicant Processing

In order to choose the behavior of your  applicants tab in terms of saving data to the review list and notebook, simply go to Applicant Processing of the plugin.

To do that, go to plugin's option ( Just as you would if you wanted to add a board) and select "Applicant Processing".

Here you will see all the four possible statuses (Received, Progress, File, Rejected) and will be able to determine what happens when the consultant hits a particular button.


Add Cover Letter to notebook

Adds the body of the email that came from an applicant to applicant's notebook.


Autoresponder to notebook

You can choose whether the automatic responders are stored in the candidate's notebook.


Add to Review List

Determines if assigning a particular status creates a candidate's record in the Review list or not.


Review list status

You can choose what review list status is being assigned to a candidate when he is added to the review list. The list of possible review list statuses is dynamic and dependant on your RDB settings.

Remember to hit the save button after you set it the way you need it!

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