RDB Native360 - Adding job boards and posting destinations

Adding your Job boards and posting destinations via RDB is very easy too! 

Firstly, navigate to the  idibu plugin's options panel

Then, select Posting Destinations from the left hand menu. Search for the board that you're looking for, and when you've found it, check the box and hit subscribe:

Please note you can also search for boards using the tags field too (essentially by job sector):

After hitting subscribe, you will need to provide all the details required by the job board in order to post there. Many boards will use different credentials to those that you use to log into their site directly, so just be sure to carefully read the 'Configuration Help' box if there is one - everything you need to know (about that board) will be detailed there.

Once you're sure you have the correct details, click Save:

You will now see this board on the list of your subscriptions. Just two more things to be aware of:

1) Supports Tracking - This means that board allows us to track your applications and add them as candidate records into RDB. If a board does not support tracking, the applications will be delivered from that job board directly to your mailbox. (The email address connected to the job sender's profile)

2) Supports Delete - This means you can remotely delete your adverts, directly from RDB. If a board doesn't support this feature, you will need to remove your ad directly from the board or let it expire naturally.

To add more boards, simply repeat the above process. You can add/remove destinations from your account at any time..

If you have any questions about this article, just contact support@idibu.com

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