Aptrack V2 - Responding to your candidates - Auto-responders

ApTrack V2 - Quick-Start guide - April 2011

  3. Responding to your candidates - Sending Auto-responders

Having sorted your candidates into groups, you may now respond to them as required.

For advertised vacancies with large amount of applications, it's a great opportunity to save time and instantly filter out, or hide all of your rejected applicants.

(For hiding rejected applicants, please see  'Aptrack V2 - Further options' article)

Providing your company has chosen to set-up auto responders on the account, you may also send personalised emails to candidates on a group basis.

Your grouped and sorted list of candidates (depending on the volume of applications), should now look like the following image:

You can see they are now arranged into ' Rejected', 'On Hold' and 'Invite for Interview'.

Responding to all candidates uses the same principal, no matter which status has been selected.

Dependant on the account set-up, you will have the option to send an  autopresonder, or a custom email.

(The autoresponder is a customised email template which is created by the account admin - It uses HTML to insert the Candidates's name, job reference, job title, Consultant's name etc).

This way, the applicant recieves a personalised, but automatically generated email. This is particularly useful for sending rejections to multiple candidates.

An example is shown below:


Thanks again for applying for [JOB_TITLE][JOB_REFERENCE]

Unfortunately, we have had a very large number of applicants, and we have not considered you for this position.

I wish you all the best of luck in your job search. 

Kind Regards


To send auto-responses to your candidates, please follow the instructions below:

Use the drop down menus from the colour bars at the top of the Aptrack display window.

By selecting the body of the text ' Reply - Auto-responder', you will send out the personalised rejection email that specific candidate.

(Please note: Do not check the box to the right, as  you will change the default action when the colour status is selected.. Just click on the Reply-Autoresponder caption)

You will see the confirmation window below, and a 'replied' icon will appear next to the applicants name:

(The left facing arrow shows the candidate has been responded to, the right facing arrow shows that details have been forwarded to consultant's email)

Please note: You do not need to select the checkbox in the dropdown menu. If the checkbox is selected, you will be changing the default action for that particular status.

For example, if the Auto-responder option here is checked, you will always send an autoresponder, everytime the 'red' status is selected.

(It's advisable to keep the pre-selected checked options as they are, unless you are confident that you want to send rejections/replies etc, every time a colour status is chosen)

To send Autoresponders for any other status, just do so in the same way.

Colour group your candidates, then (if the autoresponder option is available) just select from the drop down menu.

Dont forget to use the refresh icon to tidy up and sort your candidate list.

To send other types of response, please see the  'Responding to your Applicants - Custom emails' article.

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