To setup auto-responders please follow the instructions below:

Access "System Set-up" under "Configuration" in the left-hand menu and click the "Aptrack" tab.

First, you can fill out the responder that will be delivered to every candidate applying for your jobs, the moment their application arrives. Please note that you can use different variables in your responder. You can add them by simply clicking the desired ones below the text box. The example below should be most useful. Note that you can create a different responder for each of your teams.

The last variable (or rather, construct) - ["Hi APPLICANT_NAME" OR "Dear candidate"] - works in a way that if applicant's name is present in the e-mail's headers (it's not always - you probably noticed that sometimes when you receive e-mails in your inbox, they show the sender's name, but sometimes they just show the e-mail address), the first part (in this example: "Hi APPLICANT_NAME") will be used, with the applicant's name inserted in place of the variable of course. Otherwise, some other text (in this example: "Dear candidate") will be sent.
You can use it for better candidate experience, because if you only use the [APPLICANT_NAME] variable, candidate's e-mail address will be used if no name is present in their message.

You can then fill out the responder that will be delivered to every  rejected candidate.

You can define your custom statuses. You will need to choose their label and whether the status - whenever it's assigned - should forward CVs (works only if "forward immediately" parameter - see point 6 - is set to "No") and/or trigger a customized responder. You can have as many as you like, with different colors!

You can decide how the responses will be sent - whether they will use your own name or your company name. The consultant's e-mail address will always be used unless a custom one is specified.

Finally, you can setup your CV forwarding workflow. Please refer to the  Forwarding and storing applications in Aptrack article.

Please remember to save all changes! Otherwise they will be lost.

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