Sending responders from your email address

Regardless of the settings you set up, idibu will always send your responders - both the automated ones as well as any custom messages you send to candidates - from The reason for that is the fact that it is not a good practice (commonly referred to as "spoofing") to impersonate an email address or domain that is not directly assigned to the server you send the message from. More and more emails sent in such a manner these days will be blocked - either by your own mail server or by the candidate's email provider.

Don't worry - the candidates will still see your consultant's or company's name on the email and their replies will still be directed into Aptrack.

If you, however, wish to send all responders from the actual email address of your recruiting consultant or company, or the custom email you specify, all you have to do is whitelist idibu servers to send messages on behalf of your email domain.

For every email domain (the bit after the @) that your idibu account's users have, you will need to add to your SPF record.

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SPF is a record in the DNS settings of your domain. If you are able to change those DNS settings (please consult the documentation or support of your domain provider), you'll need to either modify the existing or create a new SPF record.

If you are unsure whether you have an SPF record, look for a DNS TXT type record beginning with a  v=spf1. It may look like this:
v=spf1 ip4: -all

You will need to add  to it like so:
v=spf1 ip4: -all

If you are sure you don't have an SPF record, you can create one that will only make idibu use your domain. Just create a DNS TXT record like this:  v=spf1 +all

Please note the  +all option will essentially allow any server to post on your behalf as if the SPF would not have been set at all. We recommend following your email provider's as well as other 3rd parties' documentation to set a proper SPF record covering all servers you use.

If all this is a bit too complex for you, please contact your ISP or mail server provider - they should know what to do!

There is no need to let us know - once the SPF record is adjusted, idibu will automatically use the appropriate address instead of The DNS records change may take a while to be picked up, so you may not see idibu switch to sending responders from your domain immediately.

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