Forwarding and storing applications in Aptrack

To decide on what happens with applications when they reach Aptrack, please follow the instructions below:

Login to idibu as the account's administrator and access "System Set-up" under "Configuration" in the left-hand menu; then click the "Aptrack" tab.:
At the bottom of the page, set "Forward immediately" parameter to the option you prefer:
Yes - every application will be forwarded to the job's owner as soon as it's logged in our system.
No - every application will be stored in Aptrack until the applicant is set with a status that is setup to forward CVs.
Teams - selected teams will have their applications forwarded immediately (like with the Yes option); those that are not selected will have their candidates stored in our system with the possibility of forwarding by assigning an appropriate status to the candidate (like with the No option).
If some consultants wish to store their applications and some prefer to have them forwarded, please separate them into different teams with appropriate above settings, as you can have an unlimited number of teams and offices.
If you didn't select Yes in "Forward immediately", you can choose where to forward the CVs (job owner's e-mail address or a custom one).
Also, if you didn't select Yes in "Forward immediately", you can choose to send additional e-mail notifications about newly-arriving applicants (aside from status forwarding). The notifications can be sent whenever a new applicant arrives or periodically (in which case a list of new applicants in selected period will be included).
As always, remember to "Save Settings"!

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