Aptrack - Getting started

Getting Started - Accessing Aptrack and general layout

To access Aptrack from Admanager, just click on the 'applicants' link to the right hand side of the page:

Please note: You must have applicants to be able to access Aptrack for any given role. If you have new applicants for any advertised role, then you will see the following icon just below the 'actions' menu:

Clicking the 'applicants' link in AdManager will display the following Aptrack V2 management screen. The main functions are highlighted in the screengrab below:

1. Configuration options
2. Refresh list
3. Candidate status (fully customiseable), Autoresponders and custom emails
4. Applicant Source and CV Download icon
5. Applicant panel
6. CV Preview/Cover letter panel (Click on subject line to toggle between the two)

In summary, this is all you need to review, sift and respond to your applicants quickly and efficiently. Applications can be processed in bulk, or with personalised, bespoke replies.
The linked articles below cover each area in more detail.

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