Aptrack V2 - Getting started

ApTrack V2 - Quick-Start guide


Getting Started - Accessing Aptrack

To access Aptrack V2, just click on the 'applicants' link in  AdManager as per usual. (See image below)

Please note: You must have applicants for a job to be able to access the Aptrack functionality.

If you have new applicants for any position, you will see the following icon in Admanager:

Clicking the 'applicants' link in AdManager will then display the following Aptrack V2 management screen.

The main functions are detailed below, and these will be the tools used within Aptrack to manage your applications:

This screen contains all of the Aptrack features and functionality you are used to, but with a number of improvements and added usability.

  • You have the option to send Auto responders and custom emails to your candidates.
  • Fast easy management of all applicants, with instant actions assigned on a colour click basis.
  • The opportunity to tag applicants for easy quick find.
  • Easily visible ranking of applicants
  • Interaction with applicants via email -  individually or altogether based on ranking
  • Advanced candidate search features
  • Easy download of Word CV - And CV Preview also available.

Please see the following 'Managing your Candidates' and 'Responding to your Candidates' articles for further information.

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