LinkedIn Limited Listings

What are LinkedIn's 'Limited Listings'?

In LinkedIn's own words, 'Limited Listings' are free job postings on LinkedIn that are visible to active candidates when they search for jobs on LinkedIn. Candidates can also view Limited Listings on a company‚Äôs LinkedIn Page. They are listed  below relevant LinkedIn (Premium) job slots and job posts.
For an idibu user, this simply means that 'Limited Listings' will now allow you to post 'free' jobs directly to the jobs tab on your Linkedin Company profile! 
Please be aware that these are NOT 'Premium Job Slots', which are purchased job slots that are targeted to passive candidates through job recommendations made across LinkedIn including 'Jobs You Might be Interested In', emails, and the 'LinkedIn feed'. Premium Job Slots are also visible to active candidates when they search for jobs on LinkedIn.

Also please note that your jobs won't be published in 'real-time'. LinkedIn will process the feed periodically throughout the day, so expect to see them a few hours after posting, or at the latest the following morning. 

How do I sign up!?
Very easily! All you need to do is navigate to your job board subscriptions and search for 'Linkedin Limited Listings':
If you use our legacy 'v2' platform see here, if you use our latest 'v3' platform see here, and if you use our RDB Native360 plugin, then see here.
On the LinkedIn settings page, you'll just need to provide your 'Company ID'. This can be found in the URL of your company page, (e.g. 123456789). Please note  you must be logged in to Linkedin as the administrator of the Company page to view the Company ID.
Once you've added the ID, either to the 'default' field (for company-wide access) or against specific teams/user profiles, just save the page and start posting!

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