Adding job boards to your account

The following article shows you how add new job board subscriptions to your idibu v2 account. 

Just follow these easy steps:

1. On the left-hand menu, under 'Configuration' click the 'Job boards & quotas' tab. 

2. To find the board that you wish to add, click 'Inactive Subscriptions' and start typing the name of the board/posting destination into the search field. Once you've found it, just hit 'Subscribe':

3. After clicking Subscribe, you will be taken to the Settings page for the chosen job board:

4. IMPORTANT - Read the 'Configuration Help' box carefully! 

Does your job board require different login information, i.e 'API' keys, or special credentials used to post via third-party systems like idibu? Do you need to call the board and advise you are posting via idibu first?  

This process can take a little time, but configuring your job boards correctly is essential to posting ads successfully. The Configuration Help box will tell you all you need to know about that specific posting destination.

You now have two options:

a) Add your Job Board details to the 'Default Login' fields. This will assign your Job Board account to the whole company - i.e all idibu users will post using the same credentials.

b) You set up different job board details on an 'Office', 'Team' or 'User' basis. This is helpful if you have multiple (perhaps branded) job board accounts, OR, if different idibu users need to post to different board accounts.

To view all user profiles in full, just click on 'extend logins' and 'show users':

5. Once you've added your credentials, just scroll down and set the rest of the board config as desired. Most settings are self-explanatory, but do take a moment to check over the board's 'extra fields'. These vary per job board, and allow you to make any additional fields mandatory, optional, or completely hidden from the end-user:

When you're happy with your setup, just hit 'Save Settings', and job done! You'll now find this board under your 'Active Subscriptions' tab:

If you wish to control posting volumes too, then don't forget to set up your posting quotas..!

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