Adpost - Adding job boards to your account

Administrator's Quickstart Guide

The following article shows you how add new job board subscriptions to your account. 
(Please note, you must have an active account with the job board you are adding in order to post successfully)

On the left-hand menu, under  Configuration click the  Job boards & quotas tab.To find the boards that you have accounts with, click  Inactive Subscriptions and use the search fields (box or category list) to search for your boards. 

Once you’ve found your board, add it to Adpost by clicking  Subscribe.

After clicking  Subscribe you will be taken to the  Settings page:

To enable the posting of your ads, you need to add your login credentials (and/or any other information requested here) for each individual board.Enter these details in the fields provided. 

NB: Each board may have specific instructions regarding the type of information that is required here. 
For example, you may need to contact your account manager at the job board for a specific code to enable posting of data from a third party (such as Adpost). 

Read the  Configuration Help box carefully – does your board require different login information? Do you need to call the board and advise you are posting via idibu? 
This process can take a little time but configuring your job boards correctly is essential to post ads successfully. 

You may hold multiple posting accounts with some of your job boards. If so, you have the option to allocate any of these logins to specific consultants if required.

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