Differences between idibu quotas and job board credits

What are idibu quotas?

First and foremost, the most important thing to know is that idibu quotas are not posting credits.

  • 'Credits' are the actual number of postings you have purchased from the job board, to be used to post on that board.
  • Quotas serve as means to control and manage your users' postings (spend) internally in idibu, and can be set on a company, team or individual user level. They are a separate entity, technically unconnected to the job boards, and amending idibu quota settings does not influence the number credits you have available on your job board account.

In summary, and when setup correctly, idibu's quota system should reflect exactly what you have available on any given job board at any given time.

Golden rules

  • If you've run out of credits on a board, topping up quotas won't top up your board credits - you will need to purchase them from the job board you wish to post to first.
  • Quotas are managed by the account administrator, or anyone that has been given permission to manage quota too.. They should always be set to correctly reflect the credit count on your respective job boards, and always remember to update idibu if any changes are made on the job board's end
  • If you do use idibu to manage spend, then only post jobs via idibu and not on the board directly. We can't track those if you do, and your quota counts will quickly end up out of sync!

To learn how to set up your quotas, please see the articles below:

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