The difference between 'Linkedin Jobs' and 'Linkedin Status update'

Due to popular demand (!), this article explains the different ways to post to the social network, LinkedIn.

idibu offers the following two options:

1. LinkedIn - Status updates 

This is a free service. It's built by idibu using Linkedin's 'public API', and simply posts status updates to the consultant's wall (or company wall if the user has permissions), along with a link to an application form hosted by us. Candidates can upload their CV's here, and the application form can be branded with your logo too.

If you'd like to add you logo to this feed, just contact your idibu Account Manager and they'll be happy to help.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

This integration requires the user to hold a paid 'Linkedin Recruiter' account, and will post to the 'Jobs' section of Linkedin: 

If you want to post to the 'Jobs' section of Linkedin, you will need to subscribe to the 'Linkedin Jobs' feed, and follow the configuration help section to complete the set-up. If you don't have a Linkedin Recruiter account, just contact Linkedin's sales team to set one up.

If you have any questions about either of the above, just email us on

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