Job Board / Website Integration FAQ

Why do I integrate to idibu?

We are a multi-posting system that allows our clients (including some of the UK's leading recruiters such as NES, Blue Arrow & Pertemps) to post their job advertisements to as many different sites as they want with just a few clicks.

Just choose the job advertising websites you are interested in, create your advert using our user-friendly Adpost interface and send it... to all of them, at once! Your website can be one of them.

Whether you need additional advertising opportunities and are looking for more recruiters to be interested in your website or just want to be able to post your adverts to your own website using our system (allowing you to send them to other sites at the same time), you will need to have your job board integrated with us.

How does it actually work?

It's plain simple. As recruiters want to post 1 job to a multitude of boards, we create a sort of a hybrid form that allows the recruiter to supply all the necessary data to post to all boards he or she chooses to. You can see the process here.

Great, so what about the posting payment? Do you pay me for the mutual clients posts now?

No, your payment structure with your clients or job boards remains the same. It should make no difference to your site whether the jobs are posted directly or through idibu.

How do I integrate to idibu?

Actually, we are the ones that should be asking this question. If you give us any means of posting jobs to your site, we will do our best to utlise it! Sometimes technical limitations may require us to ask you for an alternative solution, however such cases are very rare.

In most cases, the best way to go is to use a  simple POST form provided by boards which looks like this:

Sometimes  we can use the website's existing form intended for regular client's use, but it's rarely possible with nowadays modern interface solutions and security measures - so we do recommend a special, 1-step, simplified posting page for multi-posting only.

We also support:

  • HTTP requests (POST, GET and any other methods);
  • Variety of SOAP-based webservices;
  • Direct HTTP XML uploads (as well as posting them in one POST parameter);
  • Any type of file uploaded to FTP server or sent via email;
  • Mass-job batch uploads (i.e. files containing all active jobs for your processing, either uploaded to our / your HTTP / FTP directory or sent via e-mail.

Ok, I don't think I have proper posting means... What next?

If this is the case, the best and quickest way (involving the least development) would be to  create a simple POST form.

It should be as simple as possible (as idibu will be the only party using it) and should  allow us to populate all the job fields supported by your website. Here are some guidelines to help you create a fully functional form:

Great! What fields do I need to provide? Do you have any instructions here?

When building a form for idibu, just  forget it's being built for idibu! Just make a form that you would use to post a fully functional job to your site; idibu will then plug into this and add the board/website to our interface.

Anything else you might need?

We would also require a  test account to enable us to see the data we send across when testing, plus any API (Application Program Interface; your techies will know if you don't) documentation you may have. We would particularly appreciate lists with all possible job sectors/locations/any other dropdown fields' IDs that your posting means require.

How long does the integration take?

We try to complete it within  20 working days - however it's usually much quicker if your team is responsive and there are no problems we need to deal with.

What costs are involved?

Please contact us - we will let you know of any/all costs involved.

Ok, I have all this! What now?

Just  send a ticket to with all the necessary data we mentioned previously. We'll be glad to take care of it ASAP!

My site is being run on Wordpress, can you easily integrate that?

We can integrate with  WP Job Manager plugin as well as WPJobBoard plugin; the latter we can also offer as part of the integration deal.

And if I am using a Joomla engine?

We can't integrate it directly from the admin back-end - the engine is too secure for that. However you can create a posting form similar to the one on admin interface, but at the front-end. This can be achieved by creating a separate page and adding a shortcode to the back-end form. Such front-end form would be our external posting form, only for idibu use. Your developers working with Joomla should understand this!

How about Volcanic?

You're in luck - please refer to this article.

Ok, but what are the profits of the integration again? 

Thanks to being integrated, your board gets additional spotlight to our client base. Also very often our clients are most likely to choose you over your un-integrated competitor.

How will your clients know my board is a part of idibu? 

Your board will be always listed on the  Job Board List site and all our clients will see your board as a newly added site on our periodic newsletter.

I would like to have all idibu jobs posted to my site. Can you organise that? 

We're sorry, but no. We leave the decision on where a job is posted to our clients. We don't force them to use any board they have not subscribed to.

Further to this, we also have no means to automatically post all already-existing client's adverts from idibu to a newly integrated website - the process has to be manually completed by the client after the integration is complete.

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