Advice on setting up a board external posting form

When developing an external posting form for idibu, bear in mind: It should be kept simple and as basic (technology wise) as possible. At the same time the form has to allow us to provide the same quality of posting as a user would achieve using the board interface directly.

Here are some additional guide lines:

  • It is a good idea if the post is validated using the same login details one uses when logging directly. However, if you are concerned about security of such approach, the form can require any other data that you probably will then need to provide to the client.
  • Form should support a detailed feedback system, providing either a success message + job ID + job's http link, or error feedback with clear messages on what happened (incorrect username/password, no credits, wrong value for a field, etc).
  • Aside from adding new jobs, form should support editing and deleting based on the job ID.
  • Form should be checked against possibility of newlines and other non-basic symbols - the most usual ones being, for example, pound and euro signs.
  • It should be possible to specify expiry time or duration of the advert, unless the site always uses one standarized duration.
  • Very important is the ability to specify an application email to which applications will be sent after one applies for the posted job. Each job would have its own unique application e-mail.
  • All fields that appear on the site's posting form should appear in the external posting form with the same standard (i.e. if a job sector is a multi select field on the direct form, it should be like this on the external form as well.)

A form meeting all of these points will guarantee an easy and efficient integration that will work well for our clients.

A posting form example:


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