Reposting Jobs with idibu

idibu provides you with three different methods of reposting adverts. 

These are:

  • Repost
  • Quick Repost
  • Post from template

All options are accessible from the 'actions' menu in AdManager, and each can be disabled individually (if required) from the System Settings menu:


Reposting a role (i.e reposting in full) will take you back through the 3-step posting process. Using this method allows you to update the content of your job posting - i.e change the salary, adjust the description, or add more boards to your list of destinations, etc.

Please note, whilst you can obviously change the content of the posting, this is not a blanket edit function. In other words, every board operates differently to the next and will have different policies around updating and editing existing roles. Sending 'edited' postings may or may not cost you a posting credit, but this is fully dependent on the board you're posting to. 

If in doubt, please check with your respective Account Managers at each of your job boards.

Another important aspect to consider is that you cannot change the Reference and Sender of the job when Reposting:

Please also take a moment to read this article about editing adverts.

Quick Repost

Quick Repost is an extremely useful tool that allows you to process, in theory, up to 100 adverts at any one time with just a few clicks (depending how many jobs are displayed on your page). Please note that this feature does not provide any option to update/amend the role - it simply sends the same 'packet' of data back to the selected job boards. 

The primary reason for using Quick Repost is to update expiring (or expired) ads, essentially refreshing them on the job boards they were originally posted to. 

Here's how you can Quick Repost multiple adverts at any one time:

Simply select 'Quick Repost' in the 'actions' menu and tick the boards you wish to repost that role to. Then repeat this process for any number of other jobs. 

Once you've made your selection in full, click 'Quick repost all ads selected' to process everything in one hit.


Post from template

This feature will simply create a brand new role in idibu but taking everything from the one you've just selected. This includes everything from salary, start-date, job description, right through to all of the extra fields of each job board you previously posted to. You'll be taken back to the first step of posting, and will have the option to adjust anything as required.

This is a very helpful option when you have multiple roles in different locations (for example). It is strongly suggested to change the Job Reference for each 'new' role to avoid any complications.

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