Reposting Jobs with idibu

idibu provides you with three different options to repost your ads. You can access them all from the a job's actions menu in Ad Manager:


This is an option that basically gets you through the 3-step process once again, allowing to modify the ad or adding additional portals before posting it again. Please note, that this option is optimized to post a new job each time - don't use it to edit live ads, as this would most likely cause duplicate posting and loss of credits. You can find more on editing  here.

Also, please don't use this option if you simply wish to create a similar ad based on the original. You want to use "Post from template" for that.

Quick repost

Use this to repost your ad in a second, simply by choosing the portals it was posted to before and confirming your choice. Quick and easy:

You can do this operation on several ads at the same time and confirming once:

Post from template

This is very similar option to repost, however this (after posting) will create a completly independand ad. If you have an identical position in two cities and have already posted one of them, use "Post from template" to post it to the second location. This way you will be able to repost those ads (otherwise, if you use repost, you could only repost the second copy as newer data would override the original posting) and if you have Aptrack, the candidates will come to their indented jobs and not stack applicants from different cities in one job.

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