Admanager 'view order' options

This one's really important!

If you weren't aware, idibu provides a number of different ways to organise and display your adverts within Admanager.

These different viewing options provide the flexibility to work with your ads efficiently. Depending on how you manage your jobs/applications, you may find one particular view is much more useful, or much clearer than another.

To set your preference, just click on the 'ordered by' text and select as required:

Here's a breakdown of each option:

  • Last Posted - Shows all job's modifications in a separate 'entry' in Admanager, with most recent at the top. Successful postings, updates, and errors will be grouped separately from deletions; most importantly, entries for a job will appear separately on every day any modification is made. This view is really useful if you prefer to see completely separate instances of your posting history, for any given role.
  • First Posted - As above, but from last to first (rarely used, to be honest!)
  • Date Added (descending) - This view will 'group' all modifications to the selected job (last posted to first) into one entry. The entry will display under the day of any latest modification; the history of all such actions and can easily be accessed by clicking twice on the lower 'status' bar:

  • Date Added (ascending) - As above, but from last to first (again, rarely used)
  • By Title (ascending) - Useful if you want to view your ads alphabetically (A-Z)
  • By Title (descending) - As above, in reverse order (Z-A)

In practice, virtually all clients use either 'Last posted', or 'Date added - Descending'.


IMPORTANT - One very often asked question is 'Why is my job duplicated?' 

This is most likely because you're viewing Admanager by 'Last Posted view'. If the job has been posted, re-posted, or deleted on different days, each entry will show separately in Admanager.

We'd suggest toggling between 'Last Posted' or 'Date Added - Desc', and seeing which one works best for you. Your browser will remember your settings

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