Editing ads

A really popular question we hear from our clients is 'how do you edit an advert after it's been posted'?

Well, hopefully we can explain that for you!


Firstly, if you want to ensure no further posting credits are used, then we would always recommend to edit any adverts directly with the job board wherever possible. .

Even though the edit via idibu may be minor, something as small as a title change could effectively turn your previously posted job into a whole new advert. Naturally job boards want to avoid this scenario, hence the reason that re-posts may be charged for.

There isn't a constant line of communication between idibu and the job boards. We act as a 'mail-man' and simply deliver your ads, as and when they are posted by the recruiter. If they need to be updated after the ad's been published, the above will come into play.

So to summarise, each job board works independently and has its own policies around posting/reposting/updating and editing job ads. Unfortunately, this means that there'll never be a universal 'edit' function that will work in the same way across all boards.

In other words, if you were to 'edit' an ad and resend to your job boards, any number of the following may happen (dependent on the board you're posting to):

1. The ad gets updated, but at the cost of a board posting credit

2. The ad gets updated free of charge

3. The ad is bounced back as there's already a job on the board with the same, unique reference

4. The ad may be updated free of charge if it's within a certain time-frame of the original posting

5. Another, duplicate version of your job is posted if the website/job board doesn't support updates


Our recommendation is to liaise with your respective Account Managers at each of the boards you post to, and ask them to clarify exactly what will happen if you edit (and repost) an existing role back their site. 

Once clear, then just utilise idibu accordingly to re-post those roles.

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