Editing ads

This article discusses the topic of editing jobs on your boards via idibu.

Unfortunately at the moment you are unable to edit jobs live on the boards via your idibu account and the only way to amend the details of jobs posted by idibu is to repost them. Obviously, the effect this has depends on your job board. Some will see that the job description is the same, the salary is the same and the location is the same, as well as the job reference and will overwrite the existing job.

However, some boards may see this as a new job and thus charge a credit for the reposting. idibu strongly recommends that in the first instance, you call the board and ask them to make the edit to the job in question. They can do this quickly and easily and at the same time you can ask them for their policy when it comes to reposting the same job for any future instances.

To repost your jobs, just go to Ad Manager, select the job in question and click the 'actions' button and select 'repost'

The other alternative is to delete the job and repost it as fresh. In that instance, just action delete before selecting repost. 

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