The candidate opt out / unsubscription process

Why have we introduced this?

This feature has been introduced in order to fulfil our obligations as a data processor, and help you fulfil yours as a data controller in light of the European Data Legislation changes (GDPR) introduced in May 2018.

Even if you do not operate in Europe, if you engage with a European candidate at any time via idibu, then this legislation will still apply to your business.

When your candidate receives an email generated by an action taken in the Aptrack area of your account, they will now have the option to click an ‘unsubscribe’ link. This will allow them to choose what types of communication they wish to receive from you, or none at all.

For this reason, it’s really important to provide clear information regarding how you intend to handle and use the candidate’s data in the email footer of your Aptrack emails.

What happens when a candidate clicks unsubscribe?

When a candidate clicks unsubscribe, a new web page will open, and the candidate will be able to choose from the following options:

This is what each option means from the point of view of working with the candidate inside idibu:

This is the default setting. If the candidate changes their mind or takes no action then this will mean all future mail is sent and received as normal.

This is where the candidate has chosen not to receive all further emails that could be generated from idibu regarding any job they have applied to or been added to.

This will stop any mail being sent against jobs that the candidate applied to. However, if you find them in one of your Apsearch searches you will be able to add them to other vacancies, and contact them using the email tools.

If the candidate selects this option, it means that emails will only be sent to them from inside jobs that they have actually applied to. If you are using Apsearch, it also means that you cannot add the candidate to one of your other idibu jobs if you find them in one of your searches.

Identifying unsubscribed candidates

If a candidate has selected one of the unsubscribe options regarding a vacancy or vacancies they have already applied to, then the icon indicated in the screenshot below will appear against their name. The options to trigger any e-mail communication will also be disabled:

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