Seek - list of allowed HTML tags

Normally, when obtaining data from our partners, idibu's API doesn't strip or affect the data you send in advert's description (body) in any way. This gives you more convenience and allow you to style your adverts any way that you like within your system.

However, in some situations, using excessive HTML can lead to errors on some job boards, as these sometimes have a limited amount of HTML that is accepted.

One of the most notorious examples is Seek which will reject any advert that contains HTML formatting that is not allowed. As mentioned before, in order no to meddle with your adverts' formatting, we don't normally strip such excessive HTML when posting to Seek; instead, job posting error will be returned:

The job board server informed us that your job description contains unsupported HTML tags. Please make sure that your job description's HTML adheres to Seek's HTML formatting rules outlined  here
If you are not sure how to amend this, please contact your job posting provider - they should be able to help!

Below is the full list of all HTML tags accepted by Seek:

Formatting Tag Description
<b>, <strong> Bold/strong text
<br> Line break
<h2> Heading text
<hr> Horizontal line
<i>, <em> Italic/emphasised text
<li> List element
<ol> Ordered list
<p> Paragraph
<p style=”text-align:left|center|justify” > Align text left, centred or justified
<ul> Unordered list
<div> Division
<a href=”” target=”_blank” >About Us</a> Links are allowed for certain advertiser accounts. please check with SEEK. Links are validated to be correctly formed e.g. http/https, the host must have a top-level domain (e.g. http://portal/about is invalid but is ok), etc.

When posting adverts to Seek, please make sure to adhere to these rules.

Please note that until your client enables job description links on their Seek recruiter account, <a> tags will also be rejected!

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