Application URL Source Tracking

If you would like to track the source of your candidates when using the Application URL method via idibu, we can provide the means to do this.

This is a hidden option in idibu, however, if you do want to use Apply URLs and track your sources, please let us know so we can enable it for you!

Once activated, simply navigate to 'System Settings' to complete the setup:

Here, you will need to provide the name of your tracking parameter, as per the screengrab above (1).

If, for example, your own Apply URL is then you should provide a custom tracking parameter that your website or ATS will understand and will be able to record based on it and its value. 

Let's use 'job_board' as an example Application URL tracking parameter here. 

When idibu posts your job (using your Apply URL), we will append this parameter to your URL and we will also add the value associated with the specific website you are posting to, as per the screengrab above (2).

Each source comes with a default value, however, you can also map your own custom values to any board you are using. To do that, just use 'click to edit' below Application URL tracking mapping on the Settings page - this will open up the board list, as you can see above (2). Then, just provide the custom value of your choosing for any of your boards - and save the page.


In summary, if you posted (using the example above) to CW jobs, Facebook, and Google Jobs, the end result (i.e custom Apply URL's) would look like this: - for CW Jobs - for Facebook - for Google for Jobs

Ultimately, you will end up with a custom Apply URL for every posting, which will, therefore, allow your ATS to track exactly which job board the candidate was redirected to you from.

You can also append the idibu's job ID using the Application URL job id parameter. Please keep in mind, this parameter will always be URL-safe-base64-encoded. Using that alongside the source parameter, you can, for example, upload candidates that applied via your Application URL back into idibu using this webservice:

With all this in place, idibu can provide you with detailed analytics, even though you'd be using your landing page for the application process. Why spend a lot of time developing your own, independent reporting if you can use idibu's out-of-the-box solution?

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