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If you are looking to have important idibu information at a reach of your hand - look no further!

With the widget system on idibu front page you will be able to easily customize the first screen you see after logging into idibu to suit your very needs! To add new widgets, either use the dedicated dropdown from the top right corner of the page:

...or use a smart links in the empty widget space (just hover over the "Add new widgets!" text):

Here are the widgets you can choose from:

a) Admin Guide widget

A widget that shows you few useful articles that, once read, will allow you and your consultants to take the best idibu has to offer and configure it in your own way!

b) Ads Expiring widget

With this widget you will be able to quickly see which ads are expiring. With the dropdown in the widget's header you will be able to browse different time spans. You will also be able to repost the jobs directly from the widget:

Please mind that though we don't show which boards does the job expire on, the number on the left side tells you on how many of the boards is the job expiring on. However when you click on "Quick Repost", all the boards that the job is expiring on will be ticked for you! For the safety of your credits, the quick repost is available only on yesterday, today and tomorrow time spans.

Once reposted, the jobs expiring in the selected time span and being currently reposted will be marked with a cog icon, to allow you to better track on what still needs reposting.

c) Getting Started widget

A widget that shows you few useful articles that, once read, will allow you to better use all the features idibu has to offer!

d) Latest Adverts Posted widget

With this widget you will be able to view recently posted jobs. Clicking the title will allow you to open ad manager focused on the job you have clicked on:

e) New Applicants widget

This widget will list all the new applicants that arrived since you last logged in. Clicking applicant's email will allow you to email him directly, while clicking the job reference will open aptrack focused on the job and applicant in question:

f) Posting History widget

With Posting history widget you will be able to quickly review the number of jobs posted and applicants received is the selected time span:

g) System News widget

Stay in touch with idibu's latest updates with this widget!

h) Quota widget

Thanks to this widget you will be able to easily follow your quota count. The bars will tell you how many quotas have you got left. The colours of the bards will also reflect how many are left (blue - keep posting, yellow - there are few posts left, red - you are almost out!). Hover over the bars to see the exact numbers.

Also by default you will see your own quotas. If you however have access to other people's quotas, you can use the dropdown to see their quota. Depending on the number of users you have on your account, this will either be a list or a search box.

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