06. Jobscience - Job Management

Once you posted your job, you can see status of your posts on the view adverts tab.

As you can see each post is described with a few parameters:

a) Status: Live (post is safe on the board and provides applications - there will be a redirect "view" link to see the ad on the job board where possible.), Failed (Something went wrong when posting the ad, but no worries - we'll send some helpful guidelines on how to fix the problem once it occurs), Expired (When the expected live span of a post is completed) and Deleted (when you remove the post off job board from external boards).
b) Posted to: Just the name of the job board you posted to
c) Posted at
d) Applicants: Total Number of applicants for a particular post (job board) - please note this will only show the number of applications if you have purchased you idibu license with Aptrack application tracking product and board does support this feature.
e) Expires on

Also, you have a variety of actions you can do with a particular posts (that can be triggered with the buttons on the right):

a) Quick Repost: Just take a post and repost it with one click with all the same original details! No questions asked!
b) Quick Repost Expired: Quick reposts all the expired posts, so you can refresh your job with hardly any effort.
c) Full Repost: you can repost the position and amend some details on the way, just as if you posted a new job, but with all the details pre-filled. You can use that to, i.e. change jobs location to a more generic one i.e.
d) Delete Advert: It allows you to delete a particular post off the job board (provided the board supports such functionality)
e) Delete All Adverts: Same as above, but for all applicable posts.

Now, just a short article on how to make sure  your incoming applicants will have their profiles created inside Salesforce and it all set!

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