Jobscience - Posting Jobs

Once everything is ready, we can post out our first job! 

Start by opening the job order you'd like to post, and then click 'Post Job'. Please be aware, that for your convenience and to speed the process up, we will take the basic job information from the job order when posting ads to job boards. Just select the multiple boards you wish to post to by using the control button on your keyboard (Ctrl), and then click. If you have any posting limits applied to a particular board, they will display in brackets next to the board's name.

Please note that 'salary description' field is essentially a 'salary override'. That means whenever a board supports such functionality, it will show whatever free text is added to this field in place of the numerical salary value. In other words, you can this field to hide your salary details (where supported by your job boards).

Default currencies are Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD) and Pounds Sterling (GBP). If you need more currencies, let us know and we'll add those for you.

When everything is ready here, simply click publish to continue to second and final step.

Also, please note that due to Salseforce limitations we are not able to validate data in regards to job boards on the fly. However if you exceed any job board's limit i.e. for the maximum amount of characters in title, you will be notified after clicking "Publish".

If everything is OK, you will see the following screen:

On this step 2 of the posting process you will be asked to provide any data remaining that is essential to post to selected boards. We try to limit the amount of required fields as much as we can by mapping certain fields to what you have provided on the previous step. Also worth noting here is that you can provide additional information to boards' non-required fields. Simply click the dedicated checkbox to the non-mandatory fields.

Once you provide all the necessary information, click the Publish job button. You will then see the following success message:

There will be a little delay before we actually send your posts to boards, but that's just to make sure we don't overwhelm any board with our posting volume.

We are now ready to look at what  we've posted and manage our ads.

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