02. JobScience - Installation & First Steps

Installation is actually very easy! All you need to do is to let your Salesforce agent know you wish to have our plugin installed on your Salesforce account. They will gladly install the most up to date idibu package and will do all the tech magic necessary. You will just need your idibu account, with your idibu username, password and account hash. If you are missing any of those, simply contact us a  support@idibu.com. We'll be glad to help! 

Provided you have your idibu details, simply go to your Salesforce account, access "Setup" in the dropdown under your account name (top right), use the quick find to access "Custom Settings" under development section and from there click "manage" on the idibu package.

Activating the plugin consists of providing idibu hash in the hash field and saving the page. There are few options available:

  • Show Application URL field - If you don't know what an application URL is, don't tick this option. It basically disables your email applications. Do tick this option if you would like your candidates to apply via your own website (the "application url"). However if you are using Jobscience's apply page feature, make sure this is ticked!
  • Post without checking "Post Job" - On Job Order page there is a field Called "Post Job". You can here decide to disable plugin's feature, that basically blocks posting to external sites unless the "Post Job" field is ticked. This field is most often associated with Jobscience's apply page feature, so no need to tick this if you are not using it.
  • Auto Delete Postings based on "Post Job" - will allow the plugin to automatically delete all posts to external boards associated with a job order, if you untick the "post job" tickbox on the job order page.
  • Auto delete postings based on Status - this is an alternative for users, who do not use Jobscience's apply page feature and still want to have their posts to external boards deleted automatically. Ticking this will trigger an automatic delete each time you set your job order status to "closed"
  • Following options allow you to customise your ad manager:
    • View Adverts: Show "Applicants" column
    • View Adverts: Show "Location" column
    • View Adverts: Show "Sent by" column
    • View Adverts: Show "Title" column
    • View Adverts: Use local timezone - make sure to have this ticked, otherwise
  • Following options allow you to disable repost or quick reposts:
    • View Adverts: Disable live job QR
      • View Adverts: Disable live job repost
  • Posting: Auto-fill "Date Posted" - This option allows plugin to update "Date posted" parameter when first posting the job.
  • Posting: Use "repost" method as default - this will force idibu to try to update the job after it's first posting where possible.
  • Posting: enable hyperlinks - Hyperlinks are not cleared from your job order description when moving into external posting
  • Allow reposting jobs without "Post Job" - Similar to "Post without checking "Post Job". Option is connected to application URL feature and you decide whether the reposting can be done only for jobs that have a live presence on the landing page.
  • Hide Application URL field (if enabled) - Allows you to hide the field and make it still work by composing the landing page URL for force.com hosted sites. More on that later.

Now your initial setup is completed! However your users won't yet be able to post to external jobs. Please  continue reading...

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