Jobscience - User Setup

Receiving a "please contact your administrator to enable advert posting" message?

Linking your users to idibu is very easy! Simply go to idibu user synch page:

Tick the users you wish to synch (be able to use the plugin - post to external sites) and then click "save". If you already set your  offices and teams you can assign the users to a selected team from this screen after they have been synched. Just remember to hit "save" button again when you're done!  Please mind that after you save the page, users might not immediately show as synched - this is due to Sales Force limitations. However if you refresh the page few seconds later, everything will be in order.

Once this is done you will notice that idibu user ID will appear on the sales force user page:

As you can see, there are also 2 additional options:

a) Application URL base - please use this only if your application url is hosted on Salesforce  platform.  This way, if you provide the base URL of your ads on Salesforce, the plugin will automatically append job order ID, helping you to automate the whole process.

b) Default Posting Country - you can specify default posting country for users first step of the posting process.

You will have to repeat this process for every profile you wish to have the ability to post to external boards.

Ok now, we have plugin activated both on the account and user level. Now it's a case of  setting the boards and quotas and off we go post our first ad!

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