RDB Native360 - User Permissions

In order to give your users additional permissions, simply go to User Permissions of the plugin.

To do that, go to plugin's option ( Just as you would if you wanted to add a board) and select "User Permissions".

Here you will see 3 additional permissions you can assign to a particular user:

Remember to hit the save button after you set it the way you need it!


 Notifier user selection

This will allow the users to see applicants that came from all other users in the applicant notifier, not only his own. Unticking "Filter by user" will allow you to see all the applications that reached idibu account and are still unread.


Options Access

This will allow the user to access the plugin config area and, in example, add new job boards to your RDB.


Posting User Selection

This will allow the user to post jobs on other users behalf in the Post Jobs tab.

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