RDB Native360 - Posting Jobs

Once everything is ready, we can post out our first job! Just start by opening an old job or starting a new one in RDB. Fill in it's basic details, save them and go to "post job" tab at the bottom of the job window.

Please be aware, that for your convenience and to speed the process up, we will take the basic job information of RDB, including Job Title, Job Ref No and employment Term when posting ads to job boards.

Now this is a two step process, where you will first provide job's core details, necessary to post out a position. The bolded fields are required to make a post:

You will need to choose the boards you'd like to post to, provide job's Category, Location (though it's a free text, you will be presented with a variety of location choices while you type. Please select the desired location of the list that will appear), working hours, salary details and description. As mentioned already other core details like job title will be taken directly of RDB.

With salary, if you wish to hide the salary details from the applicants, you can simply use the salary description field that you can find under the benefits field. Please note that not all boards support such an override.

When you are ready, please click the publish field. At this point it might appear that some details are incorrect for specific job boards (i.e.: too long job title for Reed). Simply correct the troublesome detail on the fly, and hit the Publish button again.

This will move you onto the second step of posting:

This above is just an example screen. It will change depending on the board you will choose on step 1. What you see here are fields necessary to fill out when posting to the job boards you have chosen. We do our best to limit number of those fields, so in the end we can make this process as short as possible.

However if you are looking to provide as much details as possible, simply click "Show Optional" tickbox at the top; This will then show you all the fields that job boards are offering.

When you are done, simply click the Publish button.


You have just posted your first ad. Now, let's manage our postings!

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