Reporting Watchdogs

What are the Reporting Watchdogs?

Reporting Watchdogs will deliver ANY of the idibu downloadable report on a regular basis. No need to login to idibu - our watchdogs will remember your settings and will email you the desired report either daily, weekly or monthly.

How do I set it?

Easily! Just go to "Download Reports" section of idibu (1), setup the report you require as usual (2) and the click "Automatically email this report in the future?" (3). Before you are all set to go, you need to to name your watchdog (4) and decide how often do you wish to receive your report (5):

- on a daily basis (everyday you receive a report containing information on the day before)

- on a weekly basis (a week's amount of data delivered each Monday)

- on a monthly basis (providing you with a monthly report on each 1st of the month)

..after that you just need to save your watchdog by clicking "Email report now". You will then receive the requested report immediately and also it will be delivered to you at the frequency set.

When you set at least 1 watchdog, a list will appear to show you what reports are being being emailed to you (and how often). You can also cancel a watchdog from that list.

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