Application URL reporting

If you prefer to redirect all of your applicant traffic through your website, idibu is prepared for this! This article will show you how to benefit from idibu's reporting using Application URL feature. Otherwise we won't be able to include figures from your application root website inside our reports. The process is rather similar. Imagine you provide an application url:

Once enabled (please contact us for this) idibu will (during posting) add two additional parameters to your application URL:

board – encoded ID of idibu board (can be set on a per board basis)

Job – base64 encoded idibu job id.

The link passed to the boards will be looking something like:

Those 2 parameters are required to upload the applicants CV to idibu. To upload, please use the following web-service:

When the candidate is about to finish his application process, additionally to sending his details to your ATS, an additional call to idibu:’s hash)

should be made with the following XML:



        <id> (base 64 encoded value of the job id parameter)</id>

        <portal> (board code from the board parameter)</portal>



        <name> (file_name.extention)</name>

        <contents> BASE64+ENCODED+FILE+CONTENT</contents>



        <from> (Applicants email)</from>

        <subject> Talent match id: (Talent match ID needed for Daxtra to correctly upload the CV later to right talent match job record)</subject>

       <body> (Candidate’s meta data, i.e. his replies to filter questions) </body>



This allows idibu to:

  • Parse the candidate
  • Rate the candidate
  • Store details including job association & source

This ensures you receive the full benefit of idibu’s reporting suite. For the full range of reports available follow this link -

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