How to view the Aptrack email sent to a job board

Sometimes you want to find out the Aptrack tracking email thats been sent to a job board, typically for testing purposes. To find this:

Go to Ad Manager, find the advert you want to find the tracking mail for and click the bottom bar to show the info table:

Click the 'View' link next to the board you want to find the tracking email - this will pop-up a lightbox with a view of what has been sent to the board:

Copy the tracking email from the output.

The data here isn't always that clear (it isn't meant to be as it's what gets sent to the job board servers) - but you will see something like:

"" where "" is the tracking email.

Note, that on some accounts you may be using our older tracking email format still, in which case you'll see a mail:


In either case, you can now take this mail and send in applications from any email client to replicate emails coming in from that particular board.

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