Connecting Social Network Accounts

This article is to show how you can connect your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts for posting with idibu.

To set-up your posting, please log in as the Administrator and go to:

Job Boards & Quotas
Click on "Settings" next to the social portal you wish to connect*
* you might need to find the portal in "Inactive Subscriptions" tab, by typing it into the search field.
Click on "Connect an Account"
Enter logins for the account you wish to connect and authorise the prompts from the idibu application
Once finished, you should see a posting token automatically downloaded in the "Oath Token" login field, inside idibu
Select options on any mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) to save the configuration
After saving the tokens, you are good to go and start posting.


Go to Social Network Settings

Click "Connect an Account"

Enter logins and authorise the application for idibu.

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