What is Automatch?

Automatch is a tool that idibu offers to its customers free of charge. It is designed to choose extra fields for you - based on your basic advert information. This way, after you have entered your ad, many of the board's custom fields (such as Job Sector, Function, Role, etc) will be already chosen for you! And if you don't like Automatch's choice - no worries! It also creates a shortlist of other possible matches, so you can choose the one you find the most suiting.

How do I use it?

As Automatch is currently in beta stage, it won't work on your account by default. It is very easy to turn on though! Just click the new "Automatch" section (while on the step 2 of the posting process) on the top of extra fields bar.

and check "Automatching enabled".

From now on whenever Automatch finds suitable matches, you will see an 'A' icon next to the extra field.

This will tell you that Automatch has worked and selected a field for you. If you feel that it's not quite as you'd like it, make sure to check Automatch's shortlist. To do this, simply click the 'A' icon to see all possible matches found. In worst case scenario, where nothing chosen by automatch meets your expectation, you can still manually select a value from a dropdown.

What are the other options I can see there?

Apart from turning Automatch on and off, you can also decide:

  • If you'd like it to automatically pick the best match for you (if not, you will only benefit from Automatch's shortlist).
  • If you'd like it to match non-required fields. By default it will only try to match fields visibile on the form.
  • You can also choose how may results will be chosen for you on multiselect fields.

Is it effective?

According to our internal tests and comparison analysis, Automatch is able to match an average of about 55% of required extra fields with 80% accuracy. To determine this, we have taken actually posted jobs and compared Automatch's results with consultant's manual choices. We found that Automatch can save from 20 to 100% of time needed to select extra fields - and remember that every second saved a day adds up to a total of 6 minutes every year! Automatch is able to save you minutes, when posting jobs to a great number of jobs boards, which potentially means that it can save days for your company.

But why should we present those boring figures? Just go ahead and try it yourself!

Should I know anything else?

Older browsers (such as Internet Explorer 6) will work rather slowly with idibu's Automatch. However updating to the newest version will allow you to fully enjoy the fact that from now on idibu will do some work for you! You can find out more here.

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