WCN - Posting with idibu

In order to post with the idibu plugin, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose a vacancy that you wish to post
  2. Once you are happy with the vacancy description and details, go to "External Postings" and "Add" a new advert
  3. Choose the posting idibu account connected to your WCN that you wish to post with and click "Next"
  4. Select the vacancy posting dates and click "Next"
  5. Fill out all the mandatory fields and once ready click "Next"
  6. Choose the posting destinations, fill out any fields if asked, then proceed to the last page by clicking "Next"
    (some will be pre-populated based on your choices in earlier steps)
  7. In this page you will see fields unique to each website - both mandatory and optional.
    You can view just the mandatory fields by unticking the "Show non-required fields" box
  8. Once done, complete the posting by clicking "Post Adverts"

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