Adpost - Setting up teams and offices

Administrator's Quickstart Guide

The following article explains how to set up offices and teams within your account.

This will allow for separate management of posting quotas, as well as setting up advert authorisation policies for individual teams.

The article is split in to the following sections:

1) Setting up Offices

2) Setting up Teams

3) Moving consultants 

4) Managing Teams


Setting up Offices

Adpost accounts with multiple users have the ability to set up multiple  Offices and Teams.

This feature allows you to allocate board posting quotas to offices or teams instead of just directly to individual consultants.

To begin creating Offices and Teams, go back to  User Profiles in the left hand menu, and then click the Offices and Teams tab.

Now select  Add new Office or Team.

Enter all of the required information on the following screen, and click  Save Settings.

Note: Firstly you must create a new office. You can then create teams within this office.

For example, if you have a London office, insert London into the  Name field.

(The  Parent field is used later to select which office you would like to place your new teams)


Setting up Teams

Now you have set up a new ‘London’ Office, you will see the following screen.

You may want to set up different teams within your new Office - to do this, click  Add new Office or Team.

To place the new team in your ‘London’ office, select the  Parent drop down on the new screen. You will see the London office here.

Select the appropriate office for your new team.

Here we have called the new team ‘ Healthcare Team 1’

You can add unlimited Offices or Teams and fully customise your account to suit your needs.

Once you have your account set up to reflect your offices and teams, you can then move consultants into their correct positions within your account.


Moving consultants

To move your consultants around your teams and offices, you will need to return to the  User Profiles page. To manage your consultants, simply check the box next to the consultant(s) you want to move.

Then in the bottom right of the screen, select the desired team from the  drop down menu.

Here we will move the consultants to ‘ Healthcare Team 1’.

After selecting the chosen team, simply click Move and the consultants will be moved into the desired team.


Managing teams

To add new users  directly to the teams you have created; just select the Add a new user boxto the right of the team.

Again, this will open a new profile with the core information carried over from your admin profile - the only fields you need to complete are  Name and Email.

 You can edit or delete your offices and teams at any time. Just click the offices and teams tab and use the icons to delete or edit accordingly.

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