Adpost - Set up of Admin and User profiles

Administrator's Quickstart Guide

The following article shows you how set up the administrator profile, and how to add extra users to the account.

It is split into the following three sections:

1) The Administrator profile

2) Creating additional User profiles

3) Assigning individual logins


The Administrator profile

To set up your administration profile, go to the section on the left hand menu titled -  Configuration and click User profiles.

Select the middle tab;  Admin User Profile and complete the required fields.

This information will not be used or displayed in your adverts but it is required by the Job boards themselves.

The tick box at the bottom of the form allows the administrator to receive email alerts when current ads are due to expire.

When you are finished click  Save Settings


Creating additional User profiles

If you have multiple users/consultants in your office then you need to set up additional  User Profiles.

Click the  User Profiles tab (to the left of the Admin tab).

To create a new profile, click the green  Add a new user tab.

This will open a new profile and you should note that the core company info from your admin profile (address, etc) has automatically been carried over.

The only fields you need complete are  Name and Email.

Once you’ve entered the new user details just click  Save settings to complete the process.


Assigning individual logins

Once you have a full list of consultants you can assign each of them an individual username and password.

Next to each of the new users (excluding Admin) you will see three icons that allow you to:

1.      Assign a new login to that profile.

2.      Edit the profile.

3.      Delete the profile.

To allocate an individual login to a user, click the grey padlock icon next to the chosen profile.

Use the  tick box to make the user’s current email address their new login -  this can help simplify and standardize multiple logins.

Now, choose a password and check the tick box if you’d like Adpost to automatically email the details to that user.

Click  Save Settings and you will now see the padlock icon next to this profile is gold, which confirms the new login.

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