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Configuring Job Board logins and extra settings

If you hold multiple posting accounts with a job board, see below on how to allocate logins to individual consultants/teams.

The following article also explains how to configure the extra settings available when adding a job board.

It is split into the following two sections:

1) Adding board login credentials to your account

2) Job Board extra settings


Adding board login credentials to your account:

If you have multiple accounts with any boards you can configure those here. Click Extended Logins & Show Users to view all users on your account.

The  Default Login details will apply to all users on the account unless you specify differently.

For example, if you hold  one account for your company with this job board, then input the login details here, and they will be applied to all users on your account.

If you hold  multiple accounts with a job board, use the Extended Logins and Show Users tab to apply different logins to different users or teams.

Whenever these consultants post an ad, they will post it  using the account details that have been assigned to them in this area.

If you need any help assigning your login credentials for individual users, just send an email to, or call 0870 6264268


Job Board extra settings:

There are a number of additional options available to customize your board’s settings.

The settings that can be altered here are dependent on the options available with each job board.
For example some boards will allow you to set the  posting duration but some will not.
*If you subscribe to Aptrack you can specify your  cost per post - Use this option to gather more detailed data within your monthly management reports.

Within this configuration page you can specify any board to be a default posting destination, for any of the teams within your account.
This means that when any users from this team post an ad, the board will be pre-selected at the posting stage.
It can be set in an  optional or non-optional state. In the non-optional state the user will have no choice but to post to that job board.

Extra Fields

When you come to post a job, you will see that on the posting form Adpost includes all available  non-required extra fields.

These are fields that boards offer to allow you to enter further information, but which aren’t required to complete the actual process.

For example, a ‘Sector’ or ‘Location’ will be required, but ‘Postcode’ will be an extra, ‘non-required’ field.

You may also prefer to ensure none of these fields are missed by your users, by setting them as ‘make required’.

In this case, rather than hiding that particular field  the user is forced to complete it before allowing them to post the ad.

By selecting 'make required', users will be forced to complete these extra fields. This will contribute the the most accurate placing of the ad on the job board.

More visibility means more responses, and more achance of attracting better quality candidates.

The additional fields are available at the bottom of the additional options page and are  specific to each board.

i.e idibu mirrors the options available if you were to post the ad manually.

Once you have selected all your desired options click  Save Settings - repeat this process for all your boards.

When you have your boards connected they will appear in your  Active Subscriptions list.

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