Adding a Board - Office or Team logins

To add a board with default logins only, please follow the instructions below:

Please login to idibu as the account's administrator and afterwards:
Please click "Job boards and quotas".
Type in the name of the board you are looking for to find it. Afterwards click the board you need.
Click "Subscribe".
Always carefully read the "Configuration Help" (if present) section and follow any instructions given there!
Click "Extend Logins" Button
Fill out all the administrator fields for default logins.
Fill out all the administrator fields for teams/offices of your choice. You can also give credentials to user of the selected team. They will appear after clicking the team's name. If you don't want some office/team to access the job board you are now setting, please use idibu's quotas to disable access for the particular office/team.
Click "Save Settings".

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