05. RDB ProNet - Autoresponders

In order to set-up autoresponders that will be delivered to your applicants, simply go to autoresponder settings of the plugin.

To do that, go to plugin's options and select "Autoresponder Settings". You will be able to set-up 4 different autoresponders:

- To acknowledge that application has arrived to you and will be reviewed - Application Received
- To inform a candidate his application was rejected - Application Rejected
- To let the applicant know his application was successful and he will be invited for an interview - Progress
- And finally to let candidate know he was not a 100% fit to the job he applied for, but he is still being considered for different positions - File.

You can turn them on and off easily with the tickbox. When on, you will need to provide the email's subject and body - separate for each autoresponder email you enable.

To make them more personal, you can use a set of variables:


So if you set an email like on the example below:

Might look like:

Subject: Application for the role of IT manager:Ref123


"Dear John, 

Thank you for submitting your CV, your application has been successfully received.

If you do not hear from us within two working weeks, please assume that your application has been unsuccessful. We will however keep your details on file and contact you should a suitable position become available.P

Please visit  www.ourwebsite.com for more information.

Kind regards,
Our Recruitment"

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