04. RDB ProNet - Managing Quota

In order to control the amount of posting that is being sent out using the plugin, you can use the quotas section of the plugin.

To do that, go to plugin's option ( Just as you would if you wanted to add a board) and select "Quota Management". After you select the board you wish to select the limitations for, you will be given 2 different quota options:

a) Slots Quota
b) Period Quota


Slots Quota

Slots quotas allow you to set posting limitations based on posting slots. With some job boards you don't pay for individual posting, but you buy "posting space" called slots. This means you can have a certain number of jobs live on the board at the same time, but you can add as many more as you like, after the old ones expired or have been deleted. As slots quotas setting tracks your number of live jobs (please remember to delete via idibu to keep the posting figures up to date), it allows you to assign maximum posting amount to your consultants for this type of boards. You can i.e. assign your 4 consultants 5 slots each on a 20 slots account.

If your board is slots based, from that point you will just need to specify what is the maximum slots allocation for your consultants. Providing "0" will deny access to the board for a particular consultant.


Period Quota

Period quotas allow you to set posting limitations based on time periods. You can decide how many posts can your consultant(s) make to a particular board within specified period boundaries. Each post and post update consumes the amount of credits based on the post duration.

You will need to select on how often the quotas reset (if monthly or annually, please also provide the reset day), how do we deduct the credits (if one post is one credit, or do we count a credit for each week a job is live. This means that a job posted for 28 days will use up 4 credits) and what to do with the unused quota -> if we should just forget it, or carry it over to the next period.

Note on "Reset to Value": this field enables you to make current quotas temporary, and allow them to refresh "Reset To" value at the beginning of the next quota period.

For e.g. each of your consultants have 20 credits for November. By the 15th one of them has used nearly all, but another still has 20 credits remaining.

Admin can view the quotas and allocate between consultants accordingly at any time. They should simply remove a number of credits from one consultant profile (reducing the figure from 20 > 15 for example) and then add to another (from say 2 > 7).

On the renewal date, each consultant will simply be allocated the number of credits supplied in the 'Reset To' field.

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