Client Portal

What is Client Portal?

Client portal allows you to create accounts that can be accessed by your clients. It shows ads and candidates but doesn't allow access to other areas of Adpost nor Aptrack. It also allows you to block posting on an individual user basis to ensure only consultants can post ads.

Sounds good, how do I turn it on?

While adding a new user or while editing a profile you just need to enable it! It's among the advanced features at the bottom of the page. You will notice that once you've enabled it, you will also receive an option to upload a custom account logo. This will allow you to market your client dedicated profile with your own brand! As you can set these logos on a per-user basis, you can operate under different brands for different clients!

While on this page, make sure to set up posting privileges for your client (reposting, quick reposting, deletion and repost from template gets blocked automatically when you switch the profile to client portal type; adding a new job is always disabled for all Client Portal profiles).

You can also provide the client portal with the ability to see jobs from specific teams by selecting them in 'Can post on behalf of users of the selected teams'. Don't worry though - with the posting capabilities disabled, this will only give the selected team(s)' jobs visibility.

Make sure to create a profile login for the Client Portal user.

Ok, all set and good to go. Anything else I should know?

Just a few bits. Here is how the client interface will look like:

Everything will work exactly as in the regular idibu, with one exception - if the client clicks the top 'Applicants' section, they will be able to see all new applicants from all jobs. They will be able to search through the whole available application pool and the focus in the top bar will tell them which job is the candidate coming from:

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