Why does my email address look odd on the advert?

Sometimes you may notice that an 'applicant tracking' email address is included in the body of your advert, which looks something like this:  John.smith.a4lfw7kqbfi@idibu.aptrack.co.uk

The reason for this is because you use our Aptrack service, and Aptrack needs to ‘track’ all applicants as they arrive. Therefore, if we left your original address in the job advert, one of two things would happen:


Any applicant responding to that 'personal' email would bypass idibu and therefore be 'lost' altogether - meaning they wouldn't even reach your CRM or show up on your monthly reports etc.


Many boards automatically strip out any email addresses anyway, so you may well find the address is removed from your ad regardless (and a blank space is left in it's place).

So, if we were to include  bart@email.com in our job advert, when it appears on the board it will look like  Bart.Jaworski.a4lfw7kqbfi@idibu.aptrack.co or  apply-312756448-1000846@at.idibu.com. This is just the Aptrack email address ensuring that all applicants come via ourselves and are tracked and measured.


Including your email address (in any capacity) in the body of your advert, i.e making it visible on the web, greatly increases the chances of receiving spam applications and potentially malicious ad response.

Our recommendation is to simply direct applicants to the 'Apply now' button (and don't include your email address in the body of the ad). The result is a much cleaner looking job posting, and the tracking email will be hidden behind the scenes :)

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