How do I hide the Salary Details?

Here at idibu, we understand how important it is for recruiters not to provide the salary details for your posted position. At the same time -the boards put strong pressure to receive the minimal and maximal salary.

For this reason it is impossible to make the salary field non-required. If we did - almost every job board would reject salary-less jobs.

However there are many alternatives:

A lot of boards supply  Optional Salary Override which will hide the minimal and maximal band from the candidate and publish the text you provide in the override. The true salary details are still really important (more on that on c).
Some of the boards (i.e. Planet Recruit) though they don't provide the salary override, allow you to hide the salary using a non-required extra field. Always double-check those extra fields if you are dedicated to hide your salary details.
As a last resort, you can simply provide 0 to 0 salary band (or 1 to 1 if a board rejects 0 to 0), however this will jeopardise your ads' visibility. A lot of boards need the true salary figures to match your position against a proper salary band for the board's search engine. In the end your executive position for example will land in the lowest possible board's salary band.

For this reason try not to mix-up a and b with c.

Just to let you know if you provide the 0 to 0 salary band on a board that supplies a salary override and not provide a custom salary text in the salary override field, we will send "Competitive" as the salary text rather than 0 to 0.

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