Career Builder posting know-how

Most of the idibu network communicate with us in the same way, however, there are a few exceptions. One of those is Career Builder, which as yet can only provide limited feedback should a posting not go through successfully. 

All this board can tell us at present is that the ad has been received correctly by their servers, however, should there be a problem after this - for example with a lack of credits/incorrect password - we won't be informed until later in the day.

One thing you can do to help yourself here is to check in Ad Manager. Here, alongside the ad listing, you can click "View" and go directly to the ad on the Career Builder Site. If the ad has been published, it will look as it does below. If not, you will see an error.

Please note that this article also considers  Staff Nurse and  Sologig job boards - they work on the same engine as Career Builder, as they are in partnership.

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