Upgrades to Aptrack v2 - applicant search, new applicant view, change focus

We have upgraded the Aptrack v2 system to allow you to search names and emails of all your applicants, to view all new applicants in one list, and to be able to change between jobs in the system without leaving Aptrack.

The big difference is you'll see a new popup navigation dropdown when you click near the 'down arrow' icon in the title bar of Aptrack:

Here's a run-down of the new features:


Focus - what is it?

Focus simply tells you the job you are currently working on. The reason for this is that if you are searching all your applicant pool, you have no particular focus on one job, you want to search all applicants for all jobs.

At the top of the title bar you'll see something like this:

So the system is telling me I am currently focussed on this 'Test Job', and I have one applicant. What you see here is the view of Aptrack v2 you had before.


Search applicant pool

Click 'Search all applicants'.

Add text into the search field, and click the Search Button, or hit return. You search results will appear.


View all new applicants

Click 'View all new applicants' and you'll see something like this:

You can now move through the list of all the new applicants you have in the system. Note, you can see it says "Current Focus:" in the title bar. As you move through the list of new applicants they will typically be for different jobs you have posted. The job title and reference to the right of "Current Focus:" will change to show you which job the applicant applied for.


Change between jobs (focus)

You can now flick between jobs directly from inside Aptrack. From the dropdown choose "Change focus" and you'll see something like this:

This is the popup job picker.

Choose the job you'd like to switch to, and Aptrack reloads applicants for that particular job.

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