Help! I'm not receiving applications from idibu


Should I be getting applications from idibu?

Make sure you do have the aptrack product and that board you are missing an application from does support applicant tracking - if it's "no" for either case then it's a board issue. If a board does support aptrack, you can see the application in your admanager and still it didn't reach your inbox:


Check your idibu settings

Make sure that your profile is set to always forward applications - if that is your expected behaviour. You can skip this point if you applications only forward when you press a status button in aptrack. In that case check your duplicate blocking setting in aptrack settings. If they are set to yes, idibu will forward an application only once per user, per job. If it's not the case:


Check your spam/trash folders and spam settings

idibu will send you hundreds of applications under different emails or subjects - this may in time upset you spam filter and lead it to believe idibu is up to no good! You'll probably need your email tech support to assist at this point - make sure our "IPs":

Domain: Sending IP:

Domain: Sending IP:

Don't worry - your techs will know what to do with it.


Give it a little time

the application may have been quarantined on our end, taken as spam by mistake. The spam email holder is being reviewed a minimum of 2 times a day and every application incorrectly identified as spam is forwarded to the original intended email. However, please be aware that only 0.005% of the genuine spam we stop in order to protect your time and reliability of our reporting turns out to be an application. There is only a little chance that your application will get delayed this way.

Finally, there is a remote possibility of a problem on boards' end or an isolated issue of email being lost somewhere between email servers (when the application is not even in Aptrack). In that case just let us know to verify if that's the case and see what we can do.

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