Finding out the idibu tracking email

If for any reason you need to find out the email address that would send CVs to your idibu account for particular board, there are two ways to do this:

Getting an email send to a particular board
Just getting an application to your account.

For 1 it would be easiest to find your position in admanager and click "view" in the Logs column for the post you are looking for.

you will get different data on posts to different boards, as you are accessing raw data we use to post your job. However all you need to do in this screen (best with your job board's search function, typically ctrl+f hotkey and type "@" or "%40") is to locate the tracking email, select it and copy it to wherever you need it.

However, if you just need the application into ad manager (2), there is an easy way. Simply subscribe to a board called "idibu CV manager" and post to it, as to any other board. Once this happens, simply go to your posting and click the view link next to the success message:

You will get the tracking email instantly!

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